Chantilly Junk Car Removal


Need Immediate Roadside Assistance?

Old abandoned vehicles or junk car take up considerable space on your property. Oftentimes, they occupy what could be an additional space in your property, which can be used for other things. To remove these obstructions, you can give us a call to tow them from your property.

Junk Car Removal Equipment

No matter what kind of vehicle you want removed, we guarantee that we have the necessary equipment to move it quickly and safely. That being said, we have three levels of towing trucks that can be used depending on the weight load and type of vehicle to tow.

Light Duty Tow Trucks

Our light duty tow trucks are used to tow a variety of vehicles. These trucks are equipped with a wheel system, which ensure less contact between the tow truck and towed vehicles. These type of trucks is what we usually use for most of our junk car removal and abandoned car towing jobs. Light duty tow trucks can conveniently tow any passenger vehicles, including SUVs, vans, minivans, pick-up trucks, motorcycles, and small trailers.

Medium Duty Tow Trucks

Our medium duty tow trucks are perfect for moving large trucks or other sizeable types of vehicle. They have a bigger load capacity than our light duty tow trucks, and are highly capable to move huge vehicles and trailers.

Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

Our heavy-duty tow trucks are reserved for transporting large commercial vehicles of all types and models. We rarely use these for junk car removal. Nevertheless, it remains on standby in case the vehicle to be towed is a sizeable one.

Junk Car Removal Procedure

The junk car removal process requires that you specify what type of vehicle you want to be towed. This is to ensure that our crew will be able to prepare the appropriate equipment for the job. In most cases, we use a light duty tow truck to remove this type of vehicles from your property. However, please inform us if the vehicle requires a different type of towing truck to avoid misunderstandings and delays.

Although junk car removal jobs are not an emergency situation, you can expect that we will still apply the same virtues we have in every type of job that we do. We guarantee that we will promptly remove the vehicle from your property as fast as we can. And despite the descriptive name junk car, we assure you that the vehicle will still be handled with utmost care and caution. It is in our very nature to handle each and every vehicle under our care with great concern; hence, we will do the same for vehicles under this service.

Last, but not the least; we will ensure to keep the vehicle in our spacious lot for a while, especially abandoned ones, in case an owner tries to retrieve it. We guarantee that the vehicle will be kept safe and secured to avoid any potential repercussion in the future.

Junk car Removal Service Hours

All of our services are available 24 hours a day. This includes junk car removal services. Just give us a call, and we’ll be there in a jiffy, regardless if it’s as non-urgent as this kind of service. That’s a promise.

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance?