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We have always been proud of being the best Chantilly car towing company. However, this is not an easily held position. We have earned this spot through perseverance, dedication, passion, and of course, a love for cars.

As a towing company in Chantilly, it is in our best interest to devote ourselves in the protection and security of every vehicle all throughout the city. We have always valued how important and precious these vehicles are. That’s why, we always strive our best to provide a reliable and high-quality service that is worthy of your vehicle.

That being said, our towing company also serves to offer specialized towing services to various vehicles that are in need of personal and special attention. Of course, this treatment is applied to every vehicle under our care. However, we quadruple that kind of treatment on cars under this type of service.

This is because we understand that some cars hold a special place in people’s hearts. Some are fragile vintage cars, some are expensive luxury cars, and some are project cars that an individual has continuously worked on for lots of years. But regardless of the circumstance, we assure you that you will not go wrong in hiring us to transport your precious vehicle.

Specialized Towing Equipment

The equipment used for most of our specialized towing jobs is the flatbed truck. This type of truck is ideal in transporting vehicles because it reduces the risk of any wear or tear that other towing methods may cause. It is designed to roll back at an angle to let the vehicle drive onto the bed. Another method of mounting is by safely winching the vehicle up, but this is done via request.

Flatbed tow trucks are ideal for specialized towing because they are able to carry the vehicle onto its mattress-like platform, ensuring that it is lifted off the ground during transport. It works extremely well in securely transporting special types of cars without potentially damaging them.

Specialized Towing Procedure

For specialized towing job requests, feel free to call our office. We highly encourage that you give us a call to ensure that your requested will be prioritized and acted upon quickly. Once you reach us, we will be requiring you to provide substantial information about the vehicle. This includes the type of car, requests for the type of tow truck, and handling preferences. This is to ensure that both parties are in-sync with the details regarding the job request. This also allows us to quickly prepare the equipment to use and to properly assist you with any concerns. We also encourage that you openly discuss with us any personalized requests in order for us to serve you better. Whatever it is, we will try to comply with your requests and instructions to the best of our ability.

Once processed, our dispatcher will then dispatch our crew to your specified location. We guarantee that our personnel will arrive in a timely manner, eliminating the need for you to wait for long hours just to be assisted.

Upon arrival, you can rely on us to mount your vehicle up our equipment carefully. You can rest easy that we will handle your vehicle with utmost care and caution. Your vehicle will be in good hands. That’s a promise!

Need Immediate Roadside Assistance?